After antimonopoly office intervention, Usti nad Labem invites trolleybus tender again

Usti nad Labem trolleybuses. Credit: DPMULUsti nad Labem trolleybuses. Credit: DPMUL

The transport company approached manufacturers first, extended delivery deadline.

The Usti nad Labem transport company (DPMUL) invited a new tender for the purchase of up to 33 hybrid trolleybuses with an estimated value of EUR 23 million. The trolleybuses could have been produced already; the first tender was cancelled by the Office for the Protection of Competition (UOHS) due to discriminatory conditions.

It took the transport company close to a year to invite the new tender. The estimated price is about EUR 600 000 higher than in the first tender. The operator wants to finance the purchase with European subsidies. As in the canceled tender, life cycle costs will have a 90% weighting in the evaluation, followed by a 5% weighting each for delivery time and warranty period.

The transport company is looking for an articulated trolleybus, with a maximum length of 18.75 meters. The low-floor trolleybus must be able to accommodate at least 115 passengers with 25% seated. It should be able to travel at least 12 kilometers on battery power.

DPMUL held pre-market consultations before the tender; the company approached six manufacturers: Cegelec, Solaris, SOR Libchavy, Skoda Electric, Tram for envi and Hess. These consultations showed that no participant currently produces a trolleybus in the required axle specification; this resulted in an extension of the basic delivery time. The deadlines were one of the reasons UOHS canceled the previous competition. The operator requested a twin-engine trolleybus again.

There will be a framework contract with the winner, with DPMUL committing to buy a single trolleybus. The manufacturer thus risks investing in the development and production of only one trolleybus.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

foto: Usti nad Labem trolleybuses. Credit: DPMUL

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