Bratislava Airport wants to attract traditional airlines, plans more charter flights

Bratislava airport. Credit: Facebook Letisko Bratislava / Airport BratislavaBratislava airport. Credit: Facebook Letisko Bratislava / Airport Bratislava

The airport's management is negotiating with LOT and Turkish Airlines.

Bratislava Airport handled about 1.4 million passengers last year. The number has almost tripled compared to 2021 when it was about 480,000 passengers. In 2019, before the pandemic, 2.29 million passengers passed through the airport’s gates.

Management has noted a surprising increase in demand from vacationers for charter flights in 2022. It therefore plans to expand its offer in the coming summer season. Bratislava Airport CEO Dušan Keketi said the airport would like to establish a charter connection with Croatia.

Standard carriers and direct flights to the US?

Only low-cost carriers and charters currently fly from Bratislava. The airport’s management is trying to attract traditional airlines. This year’s new route to Athens with Aegean Airlines could be a boost. According to Keketi, the airport is holding talks with LOT Polish Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

However, these airlines fly to nearby Vienna. Their possible expansion to Bratislava is therefore uncertain. Bratislava Airport is used not only by Slovaks, but is attractive for people from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, and even Poland, Keketi claims.

Slovak Transport Minister Andrej Doležal said that it might be possible to fly from Slovakia directly to the USA in the near future. Until now, this has been prevented by lack of certification. Negotiations with the United States are reportedly underway and the necessary audit should be carried out in Bratislava by the US Civil Aviation Agency. According to Doležal, flights to Philadelphia, New York, or Washington D.C. could become a reality this year. According to experts, this is a very bold statement.

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