Bridge over the Elbe in Decin closed for repairs until November, freight carriers to take a different route

PHOTO: Construction of a new bridge over the Elbe in Decin. Photo: Railway Infrastructure AdministrationPHOTO: Construction of a new bridge over the Elbe in Decin. Photo: Railway Infrastructure Administration

Trains from the right bank heading to Germany will have to go via the siding in the main station in Decin or in Usti nad Labem West.

Rail freight carriers are facing a closure from today which will complicate the transport of goods between Germany and the Czech Republic. In Decin, trains will stop running between Decin East and Decin Prostredni Zleb stations due to the replacement of a bridge over the Elbe. Only freight carriers use this line stretch.

The reconstruction of the stretch started last year during operation but the main restriction starts today due to the replacement of the bridge structure itself. The entire project, which also includes the repair of adjacent sections and a tunnel, will cost CZK 1.082 billion. During the closure, freight trains will have to take the siding via Decin or Usti nad Labem West stations, or without a siding via Prague. The route via Decin is the only functional route for rail freight transport to Germany.

The bridge was built in 1917, the reason for its replacement is its poor technical condition. The existing bridge is 265 meters long, after more than a hundred years it will get a new steel structure with longitudinal and transverse reinforcements and a continuous track bed. The individual parts of the structure have already been transported to the Elbe by DT Mostarna in February. The old bridge will first be moved onto temporary piers and then floated and safely dismantled. The layout of the new bridge will respect the appearance of the original structure while meeting all current standards and operational requirements of railway transport. The speed on the bridge will increase from the current 30 to 50 km/h.

The 395-meter-long Decin tunnel will be completely reconstructed. 120 meters of the original stone arch will be replaced with a reinforced concrete one and the remaining part will be rehabilitated. There will also be a new railway substructure, superstructure, catenary and 700 meters of noise barriers.


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