Building permit issued for another part of D35. RSD plans to complete Janov–Opatovec by 2026

Visualization of the D35 Janov–Opatovec stretch. Credit: RSDVisualization of the D35 Janov–Opatovec stretch. Credit: RSD

Railway bridge construction to start later this year.

The Czech Road and Motorway Directorate (Reditelstvi silnic a dlnic, RSD) can move forward with the preparation of another large motorway construction. The Ministry of Transport as a special construction authority has issued a building permit for the 11.7 km long stretch of the D35 motorway between Janov and Opatovec.

It follows from the official information of the ministry. The decision is not yet final. According to the text of the decision, no major comments were received during the procedure. No protests were made during the oral hearing in February.

Road engineers estimate the cost of the construction of the 11.7 km stretch at CZK 4.34 billion (EUR 172 milion). The construction will be connected to the existing I/35 road and in the future it will be linked to the D35 motorway stretches Litomysl–Janov and Opatovec–Stare Mesto. The construction includes the Opatovec interchange, which will also connect the motorway to the I/43 road, including the planned Svitavy eastern beltway.

The first stage of the Janov–Opatovec D35 stretch will start this year; the contractor has been selected for the construction of a railway bridge on the Brno–Ceska Trebova corridor line at kilometer 233. The contract for CZK 154 million was awarded to Strabag Rail. The rail infrastructure manager Sprava zeleznic and RSD planned this construction for a time when traffic on the line is significantly reduced due to modernization. When the motorway is built along the entire length of the Janov–Opatovec stretch, it will therefore no longer be necessary to restrict traffic on the line. During the construction of the bridge, trains are to run on a temporary single-track bridge.

The D35 motorway route follows the route of the current I/35 road. Seven bridges will be built on the route, the largest of which is a 439-meter-long bridge over the I/35 road. The construction is due to start next year, with completion in 2026.

Last year, RSD awarded a contract for rescue archaeological research to the Eurovia CS and Archaia consortium for CZK 87 million. The entire D35 motorway is to be completed in 2028, the current government has included it among priority transport constructions in the Czech Republic.

D35 Janov–Opatovec stretch. Credit: RSD

D35 Janov–Opatovec stretch. Credit: RSD


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