ČD Cargo to buy dozens of locomotives from České dráhy

A class 242 locomotive. Credit: České dráhyA class 242 locomotive. Credit: České dráhy

Class 163 locomotives will be transformed into multisystem locomotives. ČD Cargo wants to install ETCS on class 242 locomotives.

ČD Cargo will acquire eleven used locomotives from České dráhy this year. By 2026, the freight carrier is to take delivery of a total of 77 locomotives of various types.

These are class 162, 163, and 242 locomotives that ČD no longer needs because they were replaced either by new units or by more efficient machines. Negotiations are also underway for the purchase of class 380 locomotives, but no decision has yet been made.

By the end of this year, ČD Cargo expects to take delivery of eleven class 242 and 164 locomotives. The company intends to use the class 242 locomotives as replacements for its class 230 locomotives; these will then be used in the Balkans, where ETCS is not needed.

The class 163 locomotives will be converted into class 363 multisystem locomotives. ČD Cargo plans to equip these with ETCS. This option is also being examined for the class 242 locomotives.

ČD Cargo did not disclose the purchase price; transactions within the group should comply with the arm’s length principle.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková


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