CD writes off another billion CZK for class 380 locomotives, plans decommissioning after 2025

CD class 380 locomotives in the depot. Credit: Ceske drahyCD class 380 locomotives in the depot. Credit: Ceske drahy

Ceske drahy (CD, Czech Railways) decided to further address the declining value of twenty class 380 locomotives from Skoda Transportation by an extraordinary revaluation.

Their accounting value decreased by CZK 1.11 billion. Czech Railways now values the locomotive at CZK 45–50 million.

This follows from the Czech Railways annual report. “In April 2022, Czech Railways management decided to decommission the class 380 locomotives from the fleet after 2025. The market value estimate of CZK 45–50 million per unit represents the best estimate of the Group’s management. The value in real terms was determined on the basis of the market value of machines with comparable utility and technical characteristics, taking into account the differences in technical equipment, service availability, maintenance requirements, age, etc.,” the report explains.

According to an auditor’s report, the decrease was based on stocktaking and the company’s management internal analyses which identified assets showing significant doubt of future usability. informed about a failed ETCS tender for these class 380 locomotives in a previous article.


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