Cegelec presents new Czech trolleybus at InnoTrans, it will run in Jihlava

SOR TNS 12 trolleybus with Cegelec electric equipment at Libchavy, CZ. Credit: CegelecSOR TNS 12 trolleybus with Cegelec electric equipment at Libchavy, CZ. Credit: Cegelec

The new equipment is more efficient than the previous generation.

Cegelec is presenting a new Czech trolleybus at InnoTrans, the largest transport fair in Berlin, for the first time. In terms of design, it is not a novelty; the SOR TNS 12 trolleybus has the same body as the SOR NS 12 buses. The electrical equipment, however, is a completely new type. Its manufacturer Cegelec presents it under the name Cegelec Alva.

“After three years, we are completing the development of a new product line. This includes Alva electrical equipment, Alvaux onboard converters, and Alva-Air air conditioning systems for rail vehicles. We will be presenting all three products at InnoTrans. As far as the development and architecture of these products are concerned, this is not an evolution, but a true revolution,” said Cegelec CEO Miroslav Opa.

Electrical equipment from Cegelec is used in thousands of trams and trolleybuses. In recent years, the Prague-based manufacturer has completely changed the design of its products and moved to using SiC (silicon carbide) elements instead of traditional IGBT transistors. This results in weight and noise reduction, increased reliability, and overall efficiency; that can be as high as 96%, compared to about 89% for the older generation.

Visitors to the fair will be able to see the difference between the old and new generations. At first glance, they will see two almost identical inverter containers in terms of dimensions. However, the older model will only be able to deliver 7.5 kW of power, while the newer model for the new Berlin metro trains is almost four times as powerful.

A trolleybus equipped with Cegelec Alva electrical equipment will be on display at the booth. This is the second SOR TNS 12 vehicle produced for Jihlava, which came off the production line in Libchavy on September 15, 2022, and headed straight for the fair.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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