Centralny Port Komunikacyjny starts designing first high-speed railway line in Poland

PKP Express InterCity Premium (Pendolino). Credit: B. BanaszakPKP Express InterCity Premium (Pendolino). Credit: B. Banaszak

The investment will reduce travel time between Warsaw and Łódź by half.

Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) has signed contracts for the design of the first high-speed railway line in Poland. The line will connect Warsaw and Łódź and shorten the journey time from the current 90 to 45 minutes.

The design of the 140-kilometer line has been divided into three parts: the line from Warsaw to the planned Solidarity Transport Hub Poland, the line from Łódź to the transport hub, and GSM-R radio communication network coverage along the entire line. The total value of all three parts is ca. EUR 64 million.

CPK plans to start preparatory construction work at the end of 2023, with substantial construction work on the Warsaw – Łódź line starting in 2024. The line will be designed for operational speeds of up to 250 km/h, with a target speed of up to 350 km/h. Travelers will be able to reach the CPK airport in around 15 minutes from Warsaw and in around 30 minutes from Łódź. 

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