Ceske drahy bought its first bus carrier, to be renamed CD BUS

A Vydos Bus vehicle. Credit: IDS JMKA Vydos Bus vehicle. Credit: IDS JMK

The carrier is to be integrated into the CD Group later this year.

Ceske drahy (CD, Czech Railways) has fulfilled its long-term plans to enter the bus transport business. They have now become the 100% owner of the carrier Vydos Bus. Negotiations on the purchase have been ongoing since last year. By entering the segment of bus carriers, Czech Railways wants to have more control over alternative transport services.

Czech Railways announced the acquisition in a press release. The price for the transaction was not disclosed by the carriers, per CEETransport.com sources it is about CZK 80 million (EUR 3.25 milion). According to the entry in the Commercial Register, there was also a change in the company’s statutory bodies, where representatives of Czech Railways were elected. This year, the name of the bus carrier will be changed to CD BUS. Czech Railways Steering Committee approved the contract in the past few days.

The national carrier will use the company to provide alternative bus transport during planned closures or emergencies. Czech Railways bought the carrier with about 80 buses; the employees will remain with the company. The original contracts of VYDOS BUS will be completed in the current extent.



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