České dráhy to compensate for delays automatically

Traveling with České dráhy. Credit: České dráhyTraveling with České dráhy. Credit: České dráhy

The company hopes to encourage more people to check in online.

Claiming compensation for delayed trains just got easier for České dráhy customers who buy their tickets using the Můj vlak (My Train) app. It is no longer necessary to file complicated applications for compensation for delays. The company now automatically compensates app users when a train is delayed by more than an hour.

Automatic fare compensation applies to direct journeys without changing to a connecting train. If the system registers a delay of more than 60 minutes at the train’s destination and the ticket has been checked by the conductor on the train, the compensation is paid automatically. The ticket does not have to be tied to a specific service. With automatic delay repay, České dráhy hopes to encourage customers to buy tickets online more often.

At the same time, České dráhy will no longer require a minimum fare for delay repay. Customers will now be entitled to 25% of the cost for delays of 60 to 119 minutes and 50% of the cost for delays of over two hours on a single direct journey.

České dráhy has also made changes to the interface of its website, making it clearer and better adapted to mobile users. The purchase process has been reduced from ten to six steps. Customers will now be able to rate their journey via a new star rating option.

ČD published the percentage of tickets sold online. In October 2022, 39.3% of tickets were sold online by the company, compared to 28.2% of tickets sold online in October 2019. This shows that the number of customers who buy their tickets online or via the app is steadily increasing.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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