České dráhy to decide fate of crashed pendolino in February

Rerailing damaged pendolino unit after Bohumin collision, June 2022. Credit: Sprava zeleznicRerailing damaged pendolino unit after Bohumin collision, June 2022. Credit: Sprava zeleznic

The cost of repairs exceeds EUR 8.4 million.

In February, České dráhy will make a final decision on what to do with the pendolino that was damaged in last year’s accident in Bohumín. However, due to the high cost of repairs and the age of the unit, there is increasing talk that the pendolino may not be put back into service and may be used for spare parts.

After the accident, Alstom engineers inspected the unit. They estimated the cost of repairs at CZK 200 million, not including possible other defects not visible before dismantling. These could increase the price by EUR 841,000 to 2.1 million. This does not include the EUR 2.5 million needed for the installation of ETCS.

The accident occurred last June and is still under investigation. The pendolino train collided with a shunting ČD Cargo class 742 locomotive. In addition to the driver, who died, one member of the train crew was slightly injured. The pendolino was carrying sixteen passengers. Police said later in the year that the driver tested positive for blood alcohol.

The operator does not have insurance for the pendolino. ČD has already spent a similar amount to repair the pendolino damaged in the 2015 Studénka accident. It cost EUR 8.8 million.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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