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Charter flights from Pardubice grown by half. It is closed currently

Tu-204, source: Pardubice Airport
Tu-204, source: Pardubice Airport

Pardubice Airport grows thanks to demand for vacations abroad and significantly increased number of charter passengers. 40 thousand passengers travelled from PED in the main season between June and September. This is 50-percent increase compared to summer season last year.

Apart from Burgas, Podgorica or Rhodos, new routes to Cretes and Antalya have been operated this year. Pardubice to Burgas route marked the biggest increase of passengers. 20 thousand people flown to Bulgaria last year. The second most favorite destination was Antalya. All charter flights were operated by Travel Service and Bulgaria Air.

“The major increase in number of passengers was also brought by opening of new Pardubice Airport terminal,” wrote the airport in its press release.

The airport estimates 130 thousand passengers to depart from Pardubice this year. The drop in numbers stopped, when it reported 88 thousand passengers. 31 thousand were reported in 2016. That was the lowest number in the decade.

The numbers grown thought the airport is currently closed for maintenance. Czech Army maintains the runway in October and November. Regular Ryanair flights to London are cancelled. All other airlines diverted to Prague Airport. Pardubice to London route will be re-opened on December 1st.

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