Clear path to big contracts for Skoda, Solaris and SOR, Bratislava gets EU subsidy

A new Solaris Trollino 24 for Bratislava. Credit: SolarisA new Solaris Trollino 24 for Bratislava. Credit: Solaris

The price in the tenders has dropped significantly compared to the original estimate.

In the next few days, Public Transport Company Bratislava (DPB) will conclude contracts with Skoda Electric and SOR Libchavy for the delivery of 50 new dual-mode trolleybuses with auxiliary battery drive.

This will be made possible by the contract signed on Monday with the Ministry of Transport to finance the purchase with a European subsidy from the Operational Programme Integrated Infrastructure (OPPI). 43.6 million euros will come from European funds, DPB will pay 5% of the costs.

The new trolleybuses will replace older vehicles with a diesel auxiliary power unit, instead using a battery for off-wire movement. DPB will acquire a total of three types of vehicles: eleven 12-meter SOR TNS 12 trolleybuses for EUR 464.6 thousand per vehicle from SOR Libchavy; Skoda Electric will supply 23 Skoda 27 Tr articulated trolleybuses with bodywork from Solaris, one at a cost of EUR 538.95 thousand. For the first time, large-capacity trolleybuses with a length of 24 meters, supplied by the Skoda – Solaris consortium, will also run in Bratislava; there will be sixteen vehicles. The price in the tenders has dropped significantly compared to the original estimate, in some cases by thirty percent.

“We support projects that develop green public transport. Fifty new trolleybuses will provide city residents with a more comfortable and convenient journey to work or school,” said Transport Minister Andrej Dolezal. In addition, DPB is planning further expansion and modernization of the trolleybus lines with EU subsidies.



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