Construction of the decade begins. Prague to build 2 stations and 3 km of metro line D

Construction of metro line D. Credit: Daniel Sabik / DPPConstruction of metro line D. Credit: Daniel Sabik / DPP

The capital’s most significant transport construction of the decade was inaugurated in Prague today.

A consortium of Subterra, Hochtief CZ, Strabag, Hochtief Infrastructure and Ed. Züblin has started construction of the new metro line D.

The construction concerns section I.D1a between Pankrac and Olbrachtova, the most complex part of the line. It includes two stations, one of which is a transfer station, and almost three kilometers of various tunnels. The construction will take 90 months; it started this week. The new metro line is expected to open in 2029.

The preparation of the new line has been going on for decades. The first study was made in 1991. However, a major shift has been made by the current Prague city council, which started geological surveys, reached agreements with landowners, and obtained zoning permits.

The construction of metro line D is divided into four stages. In the first stage, referred to as I.D1a, the Prague Public Transit Company and the contractors’ association will build the Pankrác D – Olbrachtova section. The total estimated cost of section I.D1a construction including monitoring and passportization is CZK 14.54 billion (EUR 354 milion)

Prague Metro D route map.

Prague Metro D route map.

In this stage, the most complicated part will be the construction of the Pankrac transfer station. The entire section of I.D1a is excavated, with the exception of the vestibules, and will be carried out using the so-called New Austrian tunnelling method (NATM).The new metro line will be fully automated, with driverless trains. The city has partly saved money for the construction in the past years and is negotiating a loan with the European Investment Bank. Prague is also seeking financial help from the state. The Prague Public Transit Company wants to start construction of the next section from Olbrachtova to Nove Dvory as early as next year.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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