Czech Railways may lose service in Plzen Region, best offers from Leo Express and Arriva

PHOTO: Bridge over the Hracholusky dam. Credit: Plzen RegionPHOTO: Bridge over the Hracholusky dam. Credit: Plzen Region

The Plzen Region announced which carriers it will negotiate with to provide transport in Plzensko and Cesky les networks.

Leo Express and Arriva trains are currently the closest to the contracts but Czech Railways is still in the game. The region wants to be clear about the new contracts by the end of March.

The bidders have been officially confirmed by a resolution of the regional councilors. The negotiations are to continue with Leo Express Tenders and Arriva vlaky as well as with Czech Railways for the Plzensko network and with Arriva and Czech Railways for the Cesky les network.

Although the region does not officially state whether the order of the carriers in the resolution is also the order of favorability of the bids, several sources confirmed to that the carriers are listed in the resolution according to how favorable their bids were. “Czech Railways’ bid was not the most advantageous in either network but we will still negotiate with them,” said Pavel Cizek, deputy councilor for transport. GW Train Regio also entered the tender for operation in the Plzensko network; the bid was rejected for incompleteness.

The region wants to be clear about the carriers by the end of March; negotiations will continue about possible price reductions. Each carrier could submit two bids: one that meets the region’s exact requirements and one that could lead to a price reduction if the requirements are reduced. “It will be very important for us to be certain of deploying the vehicles from December next year,” Cizek said.

Czech Railways’ contract up in December 2023

The selected lines are now operated by Czech Railways; the contract expires in 2023. The winning bidder may deploy used vehicles and will get a ten-year contract. The service is 520,000 kilometers per year in the Cesky les network and 1.75 million kilometers per year in the Plzensko network; in total about a quarter of the commissioned railway transport in the Plzen Region. All negotiated services are fully in diesel traction.

These are the last services with non-modernized vehicles paid for from the Plzen Region budget; bus operations have already been tendered for with new vehicles, and Czech Railways operate only new low-floor trains on electric lines.

Line routes in the Plzensko network: Plana – Tachov, Rokycany – Nezvestice, Nyrany – Hermanova Hut, Plzen – Radnice, Plzen – Bezdružice, Plzen – Zihle, and Klatovy – Zelezna Ruda.
Line routes in the Cesky les network: Tachov – Domazlice, Pobezovice – Stankov – Holysov.


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