Decommissioned trains from Switzerland start running on Cierny Hron Forestry Railway

The first Swiss train on the Ciernohronska railway. Credit: CHZThe first Swiss train on the Ciernohronska railway. Credit: CHZ

First passengers should be transported in the fall.

Ciernohronska zeleznice has acquired seventeen electric drive and control cars from Baselland Transport (BLT). The units should help expand the railway and introduce regular public line services. The trains were manufactured in the late 1980s and early 1990s and are still in good condition.

The first of the Swiss-made electric units rolled out on Ciernohronska zeleznice this week. The unique narrow-gauge railway network brought the trains to Slovakia last year as decommissioned from the Waldenburgbahn.

The Ciernohronska zeleznice lines have no overhead wires yet, and the carrier tried an unconventional solution: a Caterpillar diesel generator was installed in one of the control cars. The first unit rode through all parts of the railway. The aim was to check the transient capability and compatibility of the units. After the units pass all necessary tests, the railway plans public rides.

The narrow-gauge trains ran on the local Waldenburgerbahn railway in northern Switzerland until recently. However, its operator decided to change the gauge and no longer needed the units. According to the Cierny Hron Forestry Railway website, the most expensive part of the event was the transport, the trains themselves were sold by their owner for a symbolic price of CHF 80,000.

Ciernohronska zeleznice is a 760mm gauge forest railway connecting the villages of Podbrezova, Valaska, Hronec and Cierny Balog in the Slovak Ore Mountains. Its operator wants to electrify the line in cooperation with the Banská Bystrica Region and extend it to the Low Tatras in the future. The railway wants to use the new trains for the 17-kilometre long line from Cierny Balog to Podbrezova. 


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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