Designing lines for high speed trains as a video game

Visualization of the high-speed line. Credit: Afry CZVisualization of the high-speed line. Credit: Afry CZ

Construction of HSR Prosenice - Hranice could start in 2026.

The rail infrastructure manager Sprava zeleznic and AFRY presented a shift in the preparation of the high-speed line Moravska brana I, which will connect Prosenice and Hranice. This section should be one of the first in the Czech Republic for high-speed trains. In addition to speeding up the line, the new line will relieve the congested corridor.

The approach to presenting the line to the public will be innovative. Ivo Šimek, AFRY Country Manager CZ&SK, said that the line will also be presented as a video game model. To do this, they will use technology based on the Unreal Engine video game platform, which allows project data to be displayed in a completely realistic way. They will thus create a real digital twin of the entire 200 km² section of the track.

The 3D model is to be used for communication with the public. In the case of the 20-kilometer section, however, Sprava zeleznic is not encountering as much opposition as, for example, the Prague–Dresden route. This is because it runs along an already existing corridor.

Modernization of viaducts and Hranice station

The line will be built for a maximum speed of 320 km/h, minimum 200 km/h. It will include two tunnels of 500 and 800 meters respectively. The project will also include the modernization of Hranice na Morave station. Its form has not yet been decided. The aim is to have the shortest possible transfer distances between trains and buses.

The new section will be for passenger transport only, which will relieve the congested corridor. It will be completely fenced off. The viaducts near Hranice should also be repaired. The section between Prosenice and Hranice na Morave is being designed by AFRY along with other international contractors. The documentation for the zoning decision should be ready by July next year.

Sprava zeleznic began negotiations with municipalities and towns about the construction itself. The Moravska brana I section will be followed by a second section that continues to Ostrava. The cost is estimated at CZK 60–80 billion. Construction could start around 2026.


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