Dvorecky Bridge in Prague to be built by Metrostav TBR, Firesta and Strabag in 810 days

Dvorecky Bridge, visualization. Credit: MHMPDvorecky Bridge, visualization. Credit: MHMP

The final price is CZK 1.075 billion.

Following last Friday’s issue of a zoning permit, today the Prague City Council has selected the company that will build the Dvorecky Bridge over the Vltava River. The tender was won by the Metrostav TBR, Firesta-Fiser, and Strabag consortium.

Construction is scheduled to start in the summer. The final price is CZK 1.075 billion with a construction time of 810 days. In addition to the price, construction time (15 pct.), guarantee period (10 pct.), and team quality (5 pct.) were also evaluated. Estimated price upon announcing the tender last fall was CZK 972 million.

The Dvorecky Bridge is designated for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians only, but will also be used by emergency vehicles if needed. The new bridge will span the Vltava River and connect the Prague 4 and Prague 5 districts.

The bridge is one of the most important constructions for Prague public transport, creating a starting point of the future southern tram tangent which will connect important tram lines. Compared to the current situation, the tram route will be shortened by up to six kilometers. Some of the bus lines crossing the Barrandov Bridge will be canceled.

For now, the name Dvorecky Bridge is but a working name. Following the death of the former US Secretary of State on March 23, 2022, it has been suggested the bridge be named after the Czech native Madeleine Albright.

Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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