Fast train derails on the Prague – Beroun corridor, crashes into rocks

A derailed fast train on the Prague - Beroun corridor line. Credit: ŽESNAD.czA derailed fast train on the Prague - Beroun corridor line. Credit: Ž

Operation on the line has been stopped.

The Czech Republic has been hit by heavy rains and storms and railroads are struggling with the consequences. The biggest complication so far is a fast train derailed on the corridor line from Beroun to Prague on Thursday.

The train hit rocks on the track that broke loose from the slope due to heavy rains. About 150 people were on board the train; five people were slightly injured, Rail Safety Inspection reported. A class 362 locomotive and the first car derailed.

Based on a static assessment of the slope above the corridor, one track will be put into operation as of 6 p.m. today. Double-track operation at the site will resume in approximately two weeks after protective netting is installed.

Substitute bus service has been introduced between Prague and Beroun. The operation of long-distance trains between Prague and Plzen is limited, express and fast trains run from Beroun and back as scheduled. Express trains Ex 6 from Prague to Munich operate only in the Plzen – Munich section.

Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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