Finnish Tampere orders five more Artic trams from Skoda

A ForCity Smart Artic tram in Tampere, Finland. Credit: Skoda TransportationA ForCity Smart Artic tram in Tampere, Finland. Credit: Skoda Transportation

Tampere has previously ordered twenty trams with ten years of maintenance.

The transport company of Tampere, Finland (Tampereen Raitiotie) has ordered five more ForCity Smart Artic trams from Skoda Group. The transport authority has exercised an option to the contract it signed with the manufacturer in 2017. The vehicles ordered are identical to the 20 trams delivered in 2020 and 2021.

The trams, which were designed with input from Tampere residents, are manufactured by Skoda Transtech, a Skoda Group Finnish subsidiary. The vehicles are bidirectional, low-floor, air conditioned, and with a length of over 37 metres can accommodate up to 264 passengers.

“Tampere is getting a modern, technically proven solution that is ideal for challenging conditions. Our trams offer passengers real comfort thanks to features such as heated floors, double glazing and air conditioning,” said Juha Vierros, Managing Director of Skoda Transtech. The company has sold 230 Artic vehicles to date.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.



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