First direct train arrived from Brno to Vienna Airport

The first direct train from Brom to Vienna Airport. Credit: Zdopravy.czThe first direct train from Brom to Vienna Airport. Credit:

The promotional ride costs the city 200 thousand crowns. The train made the journey to the airport in under two hours.

The direct connection between Brno’s main railway station and Vienna Airport has its premiere today. A special five-car train provided by Gepard Express departed from Brno at 9:30 a.m. The train arrived at Vienna Schwechat Airport a few minutes after its scheduled arrival at 11:19.

The train consists of five carriages, mainly carriages from the bankrupt German carrier Locomore and one car each from Czech Railways and Railway Company Slovakia. The train is pulled by a Siemens Vectron locomotive. During the trip, a declaration was signed in which the City of Brno and the South Moravian Region committed to support the accessibility of Vienna Airport by public transport. According to the contract, the city will pay CZK 200,000 for the first ride.

This was a demonstration ride; it is not clear when the rail connection will become regular. So far, RegioJet, Gepard Express and FlixBus buses run from Brno to Vienna Airport. The city and the region want the trains to run several times every day. Brno deputy mayor Petr Kratochvíl said the ambition is to start regular connections in the next quarter of the year.


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