First switchover from DC to AC in the Czech Republic to begin mid-June

A new traction substation in the Nedakonice – Rikovice section. Credit: Elektrizace železnicA new traction substation in the Nedakonice – Rikovice section. Credit: Elektrizace železnic

This is the first section on the Czech railroads where power supply systems will be switched.

The operation on Breclav – Prerov corridor will undergo a change of the power supply system from direct current to alternating current as of June 14 in the Nedakonice – Rikovice section. Carriers and passengers have to take into account the resulting restrictions. This is the first section on the Czech railroad where the traction system conversion will take place. The aim is to gradually switch to AC power.

According to Dusan Gavenda, spokesman for the rail infrastructure manager Sprava zeleznic, the catenary from Moravsky Pisek to Tlumacov will be switched off for twelve days starting June 14. Operation in the section will be provided by independent traction trains, i.e. diesel locomotives. The same will follow for twelve days starting July 3 in the Otrokovice – Rikovice section. Two months of trial operation will follow. During this period, no traffic restrictions are planned, with the exception of two short night closures.

Switching to AC will impact Leo Express trains between Prague and Stare Mesto u Uherskeho Hradiste; these will end operation by June 14. The carrier’s Stadler Flirt units cannot run under AC power; at the time of their acquisition it was not clear whether the conversion would actually take place.

The junction of the two systems will shift northwards to the Prerov junction. The shift of the transition point to the north is related to AC electrification of 43 km of the Otrokovice–Zlin–Vizovice line with the AC system. The contract has been awarded to a consortium of Elektrizace zeleznic Praha and AZD Praha. The cost amounts to CZK 2.1 billion. The Otrokovice and Rikovice traction substations had to be reconstructed.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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