Gepard Express to run the first train from Brno to Vienna Airport

Vienna - Bratislava line, illustration photo. Source: ÖBBVienna - Bratislava line, illustration photo. Source: ÖBB

The city and the region want a regular connection later this year.

For one day, plans for a rail connection between Brno and Vienna Airport will become reality. A demonstration run for now, February 22 will see the first train from Brno to Schwechat Airport. Brno and the region strive for a frequent connection but the final decision on regular operation and the choice of the carrier have not yet been made.

The city of Brno sent out an invitation for the first run without mentioning the carrier, Albert Fikacek’s Gepard Express which now operates a bus service from Brno to Vienna Airport. In Austria, the train will run under the license of a private Austrian carrier.

The guest list includes the Honorary Consul, a number of regional politicians or members of the Chamber of Commerce as well as officials of the České dráhy (Czech Railways) or the Ministry of Transport. Gepard Express will include one passenger car with tickets for the public available on its website for CZK 490. The train will be made up of various cars including those borrowed from České dráhy (Czech Railways) and ZSSK (Railway Company Slovakia).

The train will arrive at Vienna Airport at 11:19 a.m., and depart for Brno at 1:10 p.m.
Connecting Brno with Schwechat Airport via rail has been on the table since last year. The Brno and South Moravian councilmen have already approved an intention to establish the connection, which is supposed to make travel to the airport more comfortable for the inhabitants of the region and the city.
Direct connection between Brno and Schwechat by buses only

Although the South Moravian Region owns an airport in Brno, regular air transport is practically non-existent. Brno and the region have been unsuccessful at finding ways to support and subsidize flights directly from Brno. Now they want to offer residents and visitors a direct rail connection to the much larger Schwechat Airport in Vienna. The only public transport available now are direct buses; the journey takes 2 hours and 20 minutes.

A working group including representatives of Brno and the region as well as the Ministry of Transport, rail carriers, and representatives of Vienna Airport is to be set up to prepare the new connection. The intention is accessibility within 90 minutes, with train connections from early morning until late evening.

Brno Mayor Marketa Vankova presented the plans, “For the city of Brno and the metropolitan area with 600,000 inhabitants, or for the South Moravian Region with more than one million inhabitants, access to quality international transport is a very important factor for further development, both for economic activities and private travel. One of the ways to achieve this is a faster, more comfortable, and direct train connection between Brno and Vienna Airport.”

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