Karlovy Vary looking to extend airport runway without regular route

Karlovy Vary Airport. Credit: airport-k-vary.czKarlovy Vary Airport. Credit: airport-k-vary.cz

The estimated cost of the total extension is CZK 750 million excluding VAT.

The Karlovy Vary Region has taken another step towards investing in its airport, which has been searching in vain for a carrier with a regular route after the coronavirus pandemic. In a public tender, it has asked for a designer to extend and lengthen the runway.

This follows from the documentation on the profile of the contracting authority, the expected contract value is CZK 29 million. The winner will prepare all required documentation. The region plans to start construction in 2024.

The runway is to be extended symmetrically on both sides from the existing 30 to 45 meters. In addition, 7.5 m wide paved shoulders will be built along the runway. At the same time, the runway is expected to be extended by 360 m to 2 510 meters in the future. A new taxiway will also be built. The estimated cost of the total extension is CZK 750 million excluding VAT.

The airport expects more development from the runway extension and lengthening, the current parameters are rejected for regular operations e.g. by Ryanair. The width restricts operations in poor weather conditions and the length affects the use of category C aircraft (B737/A320). 

The only connection: Turkey with a regional subsidy

The project has already received approval under EIA. The region started modernizing the airport in 2006–2009, renovating the existing runway by increasing its load-bearing capacity, renovating and supplementing the runway lighting and safety equipment, making structural modifications to the existing apron building and constructing a new apron. In 2011, the apron was enlarged and subsequently, in 2017, the upgrade continued with the construction of a new operations center building with fire truck parking.

This summer, the airport will have a single scheduled service: a weekly flight to Antalya chartered by Cedok travel agency and operated by Smartwings. The region will contribute CZK 100,000 towards each flight.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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