Landslide damages line from Budapest to Slovakia, causing delays

Landslide on the track by the Danube. Credit: MAVLandslide on the track by the Danube. Credit: MAV

Czech Railways' Metropolitan trains are diverted and running up to two hours late.

The railway line along the Danube from Budapest to Sturovo, Slovakia will be out of service for at least two months. Heavy rain damaged the double-track line. The event has also affected the Czech Railways’ Metropolitan long-distance trains which had to be rerouted and are thus delayed.

The landslide damaged the line on the 2 km long Szob – Nagymaros-Visegrad section. Due to the rain on Thursday afternoon, 10,000 cubic meters of mud and stones flooded the line. A video by Hungarian Railways MÁV shows the extent of the damage. The carrier stated the aim is to repair the line to a passable condition by mid-August.

Regional rail transport was replaced by buses and substitute boat service was introduced as well.

Substitute boat transport. Credit: MAV

Substitute boat transport. Credit: MAV

Czech Railways informed that trains are being diverted via Rajka, Hungary and are running 60–120 minutes late.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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