Largest construction contract in 15 years, DPP tenders constructors for next section of metro line D

Construction of metro line D. Credit: Daniel Sabik / DPPConstruction of metro line D. Credit: Daniel Sabik / DPP

Estimated contract value is approximately CZK 25 billion.

Only a few weeks after construction of the new metro line D started, the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) announced a tender for the construction of another section of line D. This section will run from Olbrachtova to Nove Dvory. The estimated value of the contract is CZK 24.63 billion.

Three new stops, Nadrazi Krc, Nemocnice Krc and Nove Dvory, will be built, as well as intermediate operational, technological and access tunnels. The stage in question, called I.D1b, is approximately 3.3 kilometers long. Nadrazi Krc, which will include a metro–train transfer and P+R, will be one of the few surface stations on the D line. DPP selected the TBM method to construct a large part of the section, with only around 800 meters to be excavated using the New Austrian tunneling method (NATM).

Prague Metro D route map.

Prague Metro D route map.

Finished by 2029

The contract follows a geotechnical monitoring tender for section I.D1b announced a few weeks ago. The construction will take a total of six years and is scheduled to start in 2023. With the Pankrac – Olbrachtova section already started, the metro should be ready by 2029. DPP will evaluate the bids received based on the best price/quality ratio.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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