Last InterJet produced, to be taken over by Ceske drahy in spring

An InterJet train in Plzen. Credit: Karel VltavaAn InterJet train in Plzen. Credit: Karel Vltava

Production of ComfortJets, new carriages for speeds of up to 230 km/h, is due to start in the first half of the year.

Skoda Transportation completed the production of ten InterJet train sets for Ceske drahy (Czech Railways). The tenth and last train produced left the factory of Skoda’s subsidiary Skoda Vagonka in Ostrava. Skoda produced the series in consortium with Siemens.

According to Skoda Transportation the last InterJet train will now undergo final tests before being handed over to the customer at the turn of March and April. Ceske drahy is planning to deploy the last set on the Prague – Usti nad Labem – Cheb route. As stated by Ceske drahy, of the trains delivered so far three are deployed on the Ex6 line (Prague — Plzen — Cheb), where they cover 100% services, and four serve the northern R15 line (Prague – Usti nad Labem – Cheb), where InterJets account for two thirds of all deployed trains.

An InterJet train in Cheb. Credit: Michal Malek/Ceske drahyAn InterJet train, 1. class. Credit: Ales PetrovskyAn InterJet train in Plzen. Credit: Karel Vltava

“We have received positive feedback from passengers. The trains are perceived very well and from the passengers’ point of view they undoubtedly represent an increase in the quality of travel,” said Ceske drahy spokesman Petr Stahlavsky. As they were put into live operation without the originally planned test operation, the units are still undergoing removal of warranty defects and tuning in normal operation.

Czech Railways ordered the 50 new wagons from the Siemens Skoda consortium at the end of June 2018. The value of the cars, which are based on the Siemens Viaggio Comfort platform (known as RailJet), is CZK 3 billion (EUR 120 million), the contract states.

Last April, the same consortium obtained a new contract from Czech Railways for the delivery of up to 180 wagons for a speed of 230 km/h. These will be called ComfortJet. Production is to start in the first half of 2022 and the first cars are to be delivered in 2024. The value of the framework contract is almost CZK 12.5 billion (cca EUR 490 million).

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