Ministry of Transport to choose carrier for Olomouc – Ostrava fast train line

Class 943 control car on R27 in Opava. Credit: Czech RailwaysClass 943 control car on R27 in Opava. Credit: Czech Railways

Czech Railways has been operating the line so far.

The Ministry of Transport will choose the R27 fast train line carrier between the offers of Czech Railways and Arriva. A shootout, which will decide on the carrier for 12/2022–12/2027, has begun. No other carrier entered the competition.

According to the current contract, Czech Railways operates on this route for CZK 148 per km, the annual volume of the contract is 750,000 kilometers.

Regardless of the outcome, passengers will not see any major change in the quality of the Olomouc – Krnov – Ostrava line. Only after the new contract expires, an open tender will produce a carrier with a fifteen-year contract.

Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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