ÖBB subsidiary removed from tender. Who will operate trains between Prague and Munich?

New and old Alex passenger car. Credit: NetineraNew and old Alex passenger car. Credit: Netinera

The German rail manager must select a new winner for a five-year contract.

The Bavarian railway authority (Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft, BEG) has to choose the  Prague–Munich long-distance trains operator on the German side again. Originally OBB Allegra, a subsidiary of the Austrian Federal Railways, was supposed to take over from December 2023, but the company was eventually removed from the tender.

The Bayerische Rundfunk radio station reported on the removal of the Austrian carrier from the competition. This means that BEG, as rail manager and contractor, must decide on a new winner from the bids submitted last year. The South Bavarian chamber of commerce (Vergabekammer Südbayern) decided on the removal but did not give reasons. According to the radio station, it apparently had doubts as to whether the new railway company could rely on the necessary financial and technical support from its parent company OBB.

It is not clear who else took part in the tender. The participation of Die Länderbahn, which until now has been providing these services under the brand name Alex, is certain, however; it objected to Allegra’s victory. The existing carrier has long faced criticism that it cannot handle the performance on this route. The Munich–Regensburg–Hof line is to be taken over by DB Regio from the end of next year. OBB did not appeal so as not to further block the carrier selection process.

In the tender, BEG was looking for a carrier for a temporary contract for a maximum of five years, after which the trains on the route would be operated by a single carrier emerging from an open tender. According to the agreements between the Czech Ministry of Transport and BEG, both parties automatically respect which carrier they choose on their territory.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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