OMNIPOL acquires Aircraft Industries, making L 410 manufacturer Czech again

L 410 UVP-E20. Credit: Aircraft IndustriesL 410 UVP-E20. Credit: Aircraft Industries

The Russian owner has become a nuisance for the company.

Aircraft Industries, the largest manufacturer of civil transport aircraft in the Czech Republic, is changing hands. OMNIPOL group, specifically OMPO Holding, has become the new 100% shareholder. This brings fourteen years of the company being controlled by Russian owners to an end. OMNIPOL wants to maintain production in Kunovice and find new customers for the L 410.

OMNIPOL’s entry into the company is not a complete surprise; in November the company and the manufacturer signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in foreign markets. The agreement is aimed at cooperation and coordination of business activities and expansion into third country markets, to be carried out in mutual cooperation. Aircraft Industries’ flagship products are the L 410 and L 410 NG series transport aircraft. The Russian owner has become a nuisance for the company.

Aircraft Industries, which was originally founded in 1936, has found itself in an existentially precarious situation following the imposition of sanctions on the Russian Federation, which was the company’s core market. After signing the agreement with OMNIPOL, Aircraft Industries began a successful business cooperation to replace supply contracts with ones outside the Russian Federation. Both companies expect to conclude new contracts for aircraft deliveries to customers in third markets in the coming months of this year.


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