Ostrava announces tender for up to 25 new high-capacity trams for EUR 95 million

A KT8D5 tram in Ostrava. Credit: Jan Meichsner / Zdopravy.czA KT8D5 tram in Ostrava. Credit: Jan Meichsner / Zdopravy.cz

Price will account for only 30% of the bid evaluation.

Ostrava has decided to further modernize its tram fleet. Today, the Ostrava Public Transport Company (DPO) announced a tender for the supply and maintenance of sixteen high-capacity trams with an option for the supply of nine more. The tender follows last year’s preliminary market consultations.

The estimated value of the contract, which will include heavy maintenance, is EUR 95 million. The winner will be determined based on the following criteria: The price of the new tram will account for 30% of the overall evaluation. Another 30% will be based on the level of technical conditions and 40% on maintenance costs.

Last summer, DPO launched preliminary market consultations to determine the suitability of the technical parameters and other specifications of the upcoming public tender. The new trams will primarily replace KT8D5R.N1 vehicles. Ostrava has sixteen of these in its fleet, delivered in 1989 and added to the fleet in 1990.

The tender documentation stipulates one-way low-floor trams. The required capacity is at least 240 passengers, with a 30% seat minimum. The required maximum speed is 80 km/h. The vehicles must be equipped with pivoting bogies and the length of the tram must not exceed 32 meters. The trams will therefore be significantly larger than the 39T Škoda Transportation trams delivered to Ostrava last year.

The equipment will include a collision camera and an anti-collision system with automatic braking. The vehicles will be air-conditioned and equipped with an automatic access ramp for wheelchair users, a minimum of 20 USB ports per vehicle, and a camera system with a minimum of 21 cameras per vehicle. The vehicles will be fitted with heated seats.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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