Pesa to supply RegioJet with EMUs for Prague suburban lines

The Pesa Elf.Eu unit during tests on Corridor 4. Credit: archiveThe Pesa Elf.Eu unit during tests on Corridor 4. Credit: archive

RegioJet plans to begin using the trains in 2024.

RegioJet will operate three-car Pesa units on Prague suburban lines (S49, S61). Pesa’s representative for the Czech Republic Miroslav Kupec and RegioJet owner Radim Jančura confirmed the companies signed a contract worth over EUR 40 million.

RegioJet plans to put the trains into service in December 2024. The multi-system units equipped with ETCS are low-floor and air-conditioned. They will have a first-class section and will seat 240 passengers. Three units are planned for each line, with a seventh unit serving as backup for both routes.

RegioJet won the 15-year contract for Prague to operate the suburban lines last year. The company beat Czech Railways and Arriva in the capital’s competition. RegioJet was the cheapest, pricing its annual operation at EUR 6.6 million; Czech Railways at EUR 7 million, and Arriva at EUR 8.1 million.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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