Pesa win in Kosice annulled in favor of Skoda Transportation

New tram for Kosice. Credit: PesaNew tram for Kosice. Credit: Pesa

The evaluation of the competition has been going on since last spring.

The Slovak Public Procurement Office has decided for the third time now on a contract to supply up to 30 new trams for the Košice transport company.

While the officials confirmed the Polish Pesa win twice before, this time the situation was reversed and the December decision was annulled. “The [Public Procurement Office] ordered the removal of the irregular situation and the cancellation of the information on the result of the evaluation dated December 3, 2021, and the re-evaluation of the bidder’s offer,” the authority said in the decision, as was first reported by the Slovak news server Korzar.

At its eighth meeting, the evaluation committee then excluded Pesa and declared Skoda Transportation the winner with a price EUR 6.4 million higher than the estimate. Pesa may appeal the decision.

The evaluation has been dragging on since last spring, when Pesa Bydgoszcz was declared winner of the tender for new trams in Kosice. Skoda Transportation, as the second bidder, appealed the decision three times and has now succeeded. Pesa offered EUR 2.15 million for one tram.

The winner undertook to supply bidirectional tram sets with a total capacity of 236 passengers with seating for 64. The low-floor three car sets with five doors are based on the Twist development series which PESA introduced in 2012. Pesa described Skoda’s approach as deliberate obstruction as early as last year.

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