Plzeň completes construction of new tram depot for EUR 75 million

A Škoda 40T tram, Slovany depot, Plzeň. Credit: ŠindelářA Škoda 40T tram, Slovany depot, Plzeň. Credit: Šindelář

The construction included the installation of a tram washing machine that uses green roof rainwater.

Plzeň City Transport Company (PMDP) today officially completed one of the largest investments in modern history of public transport in Plzeň. After almost 36 months of construction, the reconstructed tram depot in Slovany was opened. The construction costs amounted to EUR 75 million, a third of which was covered by subsidies.

The new depot was built in place of the original one, which had been used by the trams since 1943 and was dilapidated. The construction of the new depot was carried out while the depot was in operation, as it is the only one in the city. PMDP has used the reduced capacity in recent months to put trams out of operation and maintain them in the sidings of individual lines.

In particular, a new depot hall has been built to accommodate 52 33-meter vehicles and seven 15-meter vehicles. The hall is 124 meters long. A maintenance hall with two passing tracks and a hall with an underground wheel lathe have also been built, as well as a tram wash that uses rainwater from the 13,500-square-meter green roof. A new administration building was also added.

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Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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