Prague’s second night train to Zurich to run via Dresden

Czech Railways class WLABmz sleeper car. Credit: Petr Kricek / Czech RailwaysCzech Railways class WLABmz sleeper car. Credit: Petr Kricek / Czech Railways

The traditional overnight service will offer a comfortable sleeper carriage, couchette cars and seats.

After a new timetable comes into force, Prague will have a second direct night connection with Zurich, Switzerland. In addition to the existing train via Linz, there will be a new route via Dresden, Leipzig and Basel.

The connection has been talked about for several years; it was officially confirmed by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) today. Czech Railways confirmed the train is a renewal of the previously operated Prague–Dresden–Leipzig–Basel–Zurich line.

The train will offer a direct connection between Prague, northern Bohemia and Saxony with southern Germany and Switzerland. The train will pass through different regions than the connection via Linz, only the starting and finishing stations are the same.

The direct sleeper via Linz will continue to run. The new connection will offer an alternative to when there are closures on the Ceske Budejovice–Linz line affecting the connection to Switzerland. Czech Railways said no further details of the new connection can be given at this time.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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