RegioJet granted license to operate in Austria

Traxx MS2 in RegioJet livery in Vienna. Credit: RegioJetTraxx MS2 in RegioJet livery in Vienna. Credit: RegioJet

The operator is particularly interested in the Budapest – Munich route.

RegioJet became the second Czech rail carrier to be allowed to operate rail transport in Austria with its own staff. Since March 3, its subsidiary RegioJet AT GmbH has held a certificate to operate, also known as a license. From now on, RegioJet will no longer have to rely on other carriers.

“This will allow us to further expand in Austria in international and domestic transport,” RegioJet owner Radim Jancura commented. Until now, RegioJet has had to hire Austrian staff from the carrier Westbahn for its trains on Austrian territory.

In practice, the staff on the trains from Prague to Vienna changed in Breclav. The cooperation with Westbahn will end at the end of the month. RegioJet now has its own drivers and conductors in Austria.

The license should allow for further expansion of the company in Austria. At the end of the year, “ski trains” from Warsaw to Innsbruck and other ski resorts are to start in Austria; these should run twice a week for the time being. In Breclav, carriages from Prague will be connected to the night train.

RegioJet is planning other connections as well, the carrier is particularly interested in the Budapest – Munich route and other lines; no specifics have been announced as of yet. Austria is the fourth country where RegioJet can operate under its own license. Apart from the Czech Republic, it has valid licenses for Slovakia and Poland.

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