RegioJet puts more Deutsche Bahn cars into service

RegioJet on the R23 line. Credit: Jan Sůra / Zdopravy.czRegioJet on the R23 line. Credit: Jan Sůra /

A locomotive is on loan from Arriva in order to bridge a delay in the delivery of new Alstom locomotives.

RegioJet has further expanded its stock of train cars purchased from other carriers; the carrier bought seventeen carriages from Deutsche Bahn. The Amvz cars are undergoing inspection and will appear mainly on the R8 line from Brno to Bohumin still in their white DB livery.

A temporary new addition to the RegioJet fleet is a class 140 electric locomotive on loan from Arriva. It was deployed at the head of R23 trains between Kolin and Usti nad Labem. RegioJet currently deploys 29 locomotives per day; the carrier has about 240 cars in service, with another 40 awaiting refurbishment or commissioning.

Carriage purchases in Germany will continue, with RegioJet buying double-deckers from DB for the R23 line. The cars, referred to as 751.1-4 DBpz(a), were manufactured in 1995-97 and are air-conditioned.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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