RegioJet recruiting Ukrainian refugees for steward positions

A RegioJet train at Prague main train station. Credit: CEE Transport/Josef PetrákA RegioJet train at Prague main train station. Credit: CEE Transport/Josef Petrák

RegioJet wants to solve its long-term shortage of stewards also by recruiting refugees.

RegioJet is recruiting Ukrainian refugees for positions of train stewards and stewardesses. The carrier began by offering Czech language courses for 2–3 months and the possibility of employment.

“At the moment, we are still running humanitarian services to Przemysl and we see that it is appropriate to have stewards on board who speak the refugees’ native language. We have a few such stewards, but of course not enough,” RegioJet’s manager Jakub Svoboda.

RegioJet will recruit refugees who are planning to stay in the Czech Republic long-term. In addition to learning Czech, they will also learn how to work aboard trains. The goal is to get everyone settled into a regular steward position as soon as possible. “One of the requirements for the current applicants is knowledge of English, both for communication with the client and with the staff,” Svoboda said. The first course will start in June in Brno, followed by another course in Prague.

RegioJet employs several dozen Ukrainians, who were already with the company before the outbreak of the war. The position of stewards is one of the most numerous at RegioJet: there are around 400 of them, with the carrier needing 450 for the summer.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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