RegioJet struggle: Long delays on Croatia-bound trains

RegioJet train before arrival to Split. Credit: CEETransport.comRegioJet train before arrival to Split. Credit:

Trains from Ogulin to Split are substituted by buses to eliminate delays on arrival.

This year, RegioJet is again facing complications with rail connections to Croatia (Split). Some trains are terminated at Ogulin and then substituted by buses. For passengers, this means several hours on a bus instead of a train.

A number of passengers have complained about the delays on social media, and several readers have also contacted According to RegioJet, the delays are mainly caused by checks at the border between Hungary and Croatia. Passengers also complain about poor information.

One of them described his experience of the return journey. He was taking a connecting bus from Makarska to Split to catch the train when all passengers on the bus received a text message informing them that they would be taking the bus all the way to Ogulin. The 90-minute journey to Split turned into six hours on the bus. Many passengers chose the train precisely because of the greater comfort compared to the bus.

RegioJet international projects manager Tereza Ptackova confirmed that in the last few days several trains were terminated in Ogulin to eliminate delays on arrival. Passengers are informed of the substitute bus service via text messages as soon as possible, Ptackova said. When a substitute bus service is introduced, part of the train originally bound for Split then goes back to Zagreb for cleaning. RegioJet expects to transport up to 100,000 passengers between the Czech Republic and Croatia this year.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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