Siemens shows 230 km/h Vectron in Berlin, first to go to Ceske drahy

A Siemens Vectron MS locomotive for speed up to 230 km/h. Credit: Jan Sůra / CEETransport.comA Siemens Vectron MS locomotive for speed up to 230 km/h. Credit: Jan Sůra /

The locomotives are scheduled to enter service in 2025.

Siemens Mobility unveiled the first 230 km/h Vectron MS locomotive at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin. Ceske drahy (CD) will be the first customer of a traction unit with this speed, which will pull trains with passengers for the first time in 2025.

Siemens was the winner of the tender announced by CD for the supply of fifty locomotives with a speed of 230 km/h. Production of the locomotives for Ceske drahy will begin in 2024, and the carrier expects to be able to use them from December 2025. The contract was signed in March this year. A service contract for fifteen years is part of the deal.

The locomotives are suitable for operation on conventional and high-speed lines. CD will deploy them on international services to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. The carrier currently operates eighteen Vectron locomotives, with others in service for CD Cargo.

The locomotives are intended for operation of express services in domestic and interstate transport on high-speed lines, e.g. Prague-Berlin-Hamburg, Prague-Vienna-Graz, or Prague-Budapest, where line sections with a speed of 200 km/h or more are in operation or being prepared. The locomotives can be used for pushing and pulling non-traction units.

The locomotives for Czech Railways will be manufactured at the Siemens Mobility plant in Munich-Allach and delivered in stages from December 2025. In addition to the standardized European Train Control System (ETCS), they will be equipped with a GSM-R digital radio station and remote diagnostics. The locomotives have a rated traction power of 6,400 kW and a maximum operating speed of 230 km/h. The locomotives will be equipped for operation in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, with the possibility of adding packages for operation in other European countries if required.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.

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