Skanska, RSD sign contract for another section of D55 highway

Visualization of the Moravsky Pisek ecoduct. Credit: RSDVisualization of the Moravsky Pisek ecoduct. Credit: RSD

The construction is to be completed in 2025.

Skanska has been awarded another contract for the construction of D55. It will build a 4.1 km long section from Moravsky Pisek to Bzenec for the Roads and Motorways Directorate (RSD).

This follows from a document published today in the public procurement bulletin. Among seven competitors, Skanska offered the lowest price; CZK 1.159 billion is 4.7% higher than estimated. The contract was awarded four months after Skanska won the competition. A building permit for the new section is already in force.

Archaeologists have been working on the site since January; a Celtic iron furnace from the 3rd century BC was found. Other findings include ceramics, jewelry, and the remains of settlement buildings from various periods, RSD announced.

D55 motorway route between Moravsky Pisek and Bzenec. Credit: RSD

D55 motorway route between Moravsky Pisek and Bzenec. Credit: RSD

There will be one ecoduct on the route. The section should be ready in 2025, it will connect to the Stare Mesto – Moravsky Pisek section, which Skanska started building last August. Nine kilometers of the Babice – Stare Mesto section (Eurovia, Strabag) is being built since September 2020. Both sections under construction should be completed in 2024.

The entire D55 motorway from Olomouc to Breclav via Prerov and Otrokovice will be 101 kilometers long, with 21 kilometers now completed. The D55 should be the shortest connection from Ostrava and Olomouc to Breclav and Bratislava. Once completed, the motorway will reduce traffic in the centers of eighteen towns and villages.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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