Škoda returns production to Šumperk, new units to go to Olomouc Region

RegioPanter (class 640) production in Šumperk (Škoda Pars). Credit: Škoda GroupRegioPanter (class 640) production in Šumperk (Škoda Pars). Credit: Škoda Group

Painted and welded bodies from Ostrava will arrive in Šumperk, and the parent plant in Pilsen will supply the chassis.

After many years, Škoda Group is returning to its Šumperk plant Škoda Pars (formerly Pars nova) with the production of completely new rolling stock. The plant, which until now has mainly been used for servicing and was known in the past for the conversion of class 810 locomotives, has started the production of EMU240 electric units for České dráhy.

Over the next two years, the plant will produce thirteen trains destined for the Olomouc Region. At the same time, the Šumperk plant is undergoing a major transformation, with investments in modernization amounting to EUR 19.6 million, according to Škoda.

The EMU240 units (factory type 20Ev) for the Olomouc Region are the latest variant of class 640/660 RegioPanter. The painted and welded bodies will arrive in Šumperk from the Škoda Vagonka plant in Ostrava, while the chassis will be delivered from the main plant in Pilsen. The complete assembly of the sets will take place in Šumperk. Six units will be produced in 2023, and the production of seven trains is planned for 2024.

The resumption of the production of new trains required the construction of a new gluing box with two stands, the installation of a crane, or the reconstruction of a test room.

As the volume of orders and investments grows, so does the need for new employees. Škoda is currently looking for 40 new employees in Šumperk, mainly electromechanics and test technicians. The modernization project is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

The current production of new rolling stock is not the first for the Šumperk plant. In the past, the plant has been involved in the production of class 640 aluminum bodies, and fifteen trams for the Turkish city of Konya were also produced here.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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