Skoda shows new trolleybus with Turkish bodywork, first vehicle to run in Ostrava

A Skoda T'CITY 36Tr. Credit: Skoda TransportationA Skoda T'CITY 36Tr. Credit: Skoda Transportation

The vehicle will be tested in Plzen in the coming weeks.

For the first time, Skoda Transportation has shown the final design of the new 36Tr trolleybus on its website. The first trolleybus with a body from the Turkish company Temsa should be in service next year. Skoda has previously announced that the 36Tr will first run in Ostrava. The vehicle will be tested in Plzen in the coming weeks.

This is a major change in business strategy: Skoda is ending its cooperation with the Polish Solaris to start making its own trolleybuses with bodies to be made by Turkish Temsa. Until now, Skoda has worked with bodywork manufacturers and supplied equipment.

Skoda was awarded the contract for eighteen hybrid trolleybuses for the Ostrava public transport company (DPO) at the end of last year, bidding as GanzSkoda Electric, a part of the Czech PPF Group. The tender was unusual in that four bids were received and the final price was one fifth lower than the estimate. The new trolleybuses should be in service from February 2023.

A European subsidy purchase

The project will be partly co-financed by the EU: DPO has received an 85% subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund under the Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP) for six vehicles. The new hybrids should arrive in Ostrava in three deliveries of six cars each. The first cars could begin operation in February 2023, the second delivery is expected by March 2023 and the third by May 2023. The new trolleybuses should completely replace the oldest series in the DPO fleet, i.e. the Skoda 21Tr.

The Skoda T’CITY 36Tr will carry 85 passengers, with 27 seats and one space for wheelchair users. The vehicle is air conditioned and equipped with USB ports and a camera system.

This is the second type of vehicle with a Temsa bodywork and the Skoda logo. This year, electric buses with Turkish bodywork have started operation in Prague. However, their operation was temporarily suspended due to a malfunction.

Translation Lucie Trávníčková

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