Škoda Transportation to deliver up to 40 32Tr trolleybuses to Brno, cost higher than expected

Škoda 32Tr Trolleybus. Credit: Škoda ElectricŠkoda 32Tr Trolleybus. Credit: Škoda Electric

The purchase of the new vehicles is expected to phase out high-floor trolleybuses in Brno.

Škoda Transportation won a new contract for the delivery of up to 40 trolleybuses with batteries for operation in the network of the Brno City Transport Company (DPMB).

The framework contract is worth CZK 472 million excluding VAT, which is CZK 32 million more than the estimated price, as follows from the carrier’s press release and the contract published today. DPMB has signed a binding order for the first ten vehicles for CZK 118 million, and has an option for 30 more. The manufacturer will deliver the Skoda 32Tr trolleybuses next year. DPMB has not yet disclosed details of the contract, however, the chosen body type shows that the cooperation between Skoda and SOR Libchavy has been renewed.

New vehicles to run instead of 21Tr and 14Tr

The framework contract allows the Brno transport company to purchase up to 40 trolleybuses of this type until 2025 at the same price, CZK 11.8 million apiece. The Skoda 32Tr trolleybuses are low-floor and fully air-conditioned. The total capacity of one car is 95 passengers, with 35 seats.

The new trolleybuses will replace the outdated 21Tr and the high-floor 14Tr, which have been running in Brno since 1989 and 1999 respectively. After the delivery of the new vehicles and the retirement of the remaining 14Trs, all trolleybuses in Brno will be low-floor. The last two high-floor 15Tr trolleybuses should be withdrawn from service by the end of this year.


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