Skoda wins Opava tender, bidding under CZK 9 million per trolleybus

A Skoda T'CITY 36Tr. Credit: Skoda TransportationA Skoda T'CITY 36Tr. Credit: Skoda Transportation

This is the lowest price for a 12-meter trolleybus on the Czech market since 2004.

Skoda Electric won the tender for the supply of three low-floor trolleybuses for the Opava municipal transport company (MDPO). The first tender was canceled by the Office for the Protection of Competition due to discriminatory and illegal conditions. A repeat bid brought the lowest price for a 12-meter trolleybus on the Czech market since 2004.

This follows from information on the profile of the contracting authority, as pointed out by the Československý dopravák website. According to its sources, Skoda won the tender with T’CITY 36 Tr which will have Temsa bodywork. The same vehicle will run in Ostrava.

SOR Libchavy took part in the tender as well. The price dropped significantly: Skoda offered CZK 8.49 million against the estimated CZK 11.33 million per vehicle. SOR offered CZK 9.05 million for one trolleybus. When Opava tendered trolleybuses with identical parameters in 2019, the price was CZK 11.52 million per vehicle. According to data available, the last time trolleybuses were this cheap on the Czech market was in 2004 in a Pardubice tender.

MDPO requires delivery within 14 months from the signing of the contract. The new trolleybuses are to be air-conditioned and low-floor. MDPO is planning on using European subsidies for the purchase.

Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková.


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