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Slovak ZSSK order special cogwheel units and locomotives from Stadler

Stadler GTW for ZSSK, source: Stadler Rail
Stadler GTW for ZSSK, source: Stadler Rail

Tatra cogwheel railway from Štrba to Štrbské Pleso is going to receive new railway vehicles. Stadler Rail signed a contract for new tailor-made electric multiple units. They will be delivered in 2022 to Slovak Railways (ZSSK). Dual locomotives for Tatra electric railways (TEŽ) are also part of the order.

Stadler is going to deliver five low-floor narrow-gauge electric multiple units for cogwheel railway. The type is derived from GTW concept – trains with power pack inserted into a separate power unit. ZSSK has experience with GTW – both electric and diesel trains of the very same concept are in revenue service on other routes around High Tatras. Each EMU will provide 91 seats and 2 places for wheelchair passengers. A model similar to ordered one is already in revenue service in France and Switzerland. The trains will be air-conditioned, Wi-Fi and information system will be provided to passengers.

Dual locomotives are also part of the order. It will have both electric and diesel traction. They are intended both for cogwheel railway as well as other narrow-gauge routes of TEŽ. The diesel engine complies with EURO-IIIB emission regulation. In winter, a snow blower can be fitted to locomotive. They are also remotely controlled. The driver’s cabin is air-conditioned.

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