Slovakia plans for integrated ticketing for trains and buses

A ZSSK train in Žilina. Credit: ZSSKA ZSSK train in Žilina. Credit: ZSSK

A national public transport coordinator is to be established in Slovakia.

Slovakia is preparing a major overhaul of public transport fares. The ministry of transport has published plans to amend the Public Transport Act to introduce a single tariff for rail, bus, and public transport.

The proposal is to set standards for public transport and better coordination. A national integrator, the National Transport Agency (NADA), is to be created. The goal is to make the public transport system more attractive.

The ministry pointed out that the share of public transport in Slovakia has been declining for a long time. The system is unattractive to passengers and there is no unified concept, the draft states. While trains, including regional transport, are ordered by the ministry, buses are the responsibility of the regions.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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