The first Škoda 39T tram has completed its test operation in Ostrava

Škoda 39 T Tram in Ostrava. Photo: Jan Meischner / Zdopravy.czŠkoda 39 T Tram in Ostrava. Photo: Jan Meischner /

The official takeover of the tram by the Ostrava public transport company (DPO) will take place only after a license is issued by the Rail Authority.

On January 30, the new Ostrava tram Škoda 39T completed a test run, during which it covered 20,000 kilometers without passengers and another 20,000 kilometers with passengers. The first passenger rides took place in Ostrava in November, and the tests were successful, DPO stated.

The tram is now awaiting approval and the issue of a license from the Rail Authority. Until then, it still belongs to Skoda Transportation. Transport companies always take over new vehicles after a vehicle license has been issued; this is expected in February.

The acceptance of another six trams will follow. The complete delivery of 35 trams at a cost of about 1.8 billion is expected to be completed in the fall of 2022. DPO has an option for five more cars; the company and the manufacturer agreed to extend the deadline for exercising the option for financial reasons.

“We have successfully crossed another important milestone on our path to full operation of our new, state-of-the-art 39T tram sets. Once all the necessary documents have been issued, these trams will become a standard part of our fleet,” said DPO chief Daniel Morys.

Each 39T offers seating for 60 passengers and standing room for another 140. The length of the tram is 26.6 meters, the maximum height with the collector lowered is 3.6 meters, the weight of an empty vehicle is more than 36 tonnes, and up to 56 tonnes when fully occupied. The price for one vehicle is CZK 47.5 million.

With the gradual introduction of the new trams, the high-floor trams T3 and T6, which are currently operated as coupled trams, will be phased out.

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