Trains return to Brno – Blansko line after year of suspension

All tunnels on the line have been completely reconstructed. Credit: Jan Sůra / Zdopravy.czAll tunnels on the line have been completely reconstructed. Credit: Jan Sůra /

The line closure meant faster and cheaper repairs. The costs were EUR 300 million, substitute transport costs exceeded EUR 12 million.

Train service will return to normal for travelers on the corridor line between Brno and Blansko, which was closed in December 2021 for extensive modernization. Passenger trains, the R19 fast trains from Brno to Prague via Česká Třebová and three express trains will run again on Sunday. EC/IC trains will continue to run via Havlíčkův Brod and switch to the faster route in July 2023.

Správa železnic soft-opened the repaired section of the line between Brno and Adamov for journalists on Saturday. The repair of the line and its modernization, which cost EUR 300 million, will make operations more reliable. For passengers, the facilities at Adamov station and other stops will improve significantly.

Správa železnic agreed with carriers and transport providers on a one-year full closure. The project was divided into three parts. In addition to modernizing the sections from Brno to Adamov and from Adamov to Blansko, the station in Adamov was renovated. It now has a fully accessible platform and passenger check-in areas have been reconstructed. The station’s third track was extended, making it possible to handle freight trains with a length of 740 meters.

Stopping service between Brno and Blansko meant Správa železnic could engage in other projects on the line to Česká Třebová. All tunnels and a number of bridges were completely reconstructed. Road constructions were carried out in coordination with the Roads and Motorways Directorate (ŘSD). Správa železnic paid over EUR 12 million for buses in one of the largest contracts for substitute bus transport in the history of Czech railroads.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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