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Travel Service did not extend contract to Czech Airlines chairman Jozef Sinčák

Jozef Sinčák, source: Czech Airlines
Jozef Sinčák, source: Czech Airlines

Jozef Sinčák is ending as a head of Czech Airlines (ČSA) after five years. Travel Service as the majority shareholder did not extends his contract and will select a new Chairman. The change comes to light one year after Travel Service acquired majority stake in the company. Airlines celebrate 95th anniversary from its foundation.

The company has already announced the change to employees. Czech Airlines spokesperson Daniel Šabík confirmed the motion. “The contract of Jozef Sinčák in ČSA Board of Directors will pass 5 years on Tuesday. It will not be extended after consultations between the director and stakeholder, Travel Service,” Šabík said.

New members will be elected into the Board of Directors at next shareholders general meeting. “Mr. Sinčák will continue as ČSA consultant until end of year at ČSA and hand over the agenda to newly elected Chairman. Travel Service talks with Mr. Sinčák about other contract in new holding structure being prepared,” Šabík explained. The change in leadership happends one week after start of winter schedule. The company does not know yet what airplanes will use for its flights.

Sinčák has worked in ČSA since 2013. He became Chairman of the Board a year after. He brought company from losses to profitability, at a price of big cuts and closing of many existing routes. He worked at Prague Airport for four year before joining ČSA where he was Executive Director for Business and Corporate Services between November 2011 and October 2013 as well as Deputy Chairman of the Board. He graduated from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University. Worked in ČSOB and as director of ING Investment Management before starting his career in aviation.

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